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6 Month Program

Intention of my 6 Month Program:


If you’ve chosen to speak with me, you’re likely doing so because you’d like to have a companion in your journey of lifestyle change. You probably have already tried diets, medications, gadgets and gyms, and none of them have worked for you. You’ve aimed to change behaviours, but those quick-fix methods neither aligned with your needs nor your values. If we work together, we will channel our purpose to change your personal story to a positive one, so that you no longer feel trapped in a vicious cycle. We will find balance together.

Health|Relationships|Social Life|Physical Activity

Home Cooking|Creativity|Joy|Social Life


Home Environment

Please be advised the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations administered by Bilge Bella Arik are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. The nutritional and lifestyle recommendations provide support for normal human body physiology. Please also note any and all testing ordered by me is not used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Our Sessions Will be About:


Health History Evaluation

What is Food?

Understanding Our Relationship with Food
Nutrition Education
Diets & Elimination
Concept of Crowding out 
Concept of Bio-individuality - a concept of my school IIN
Mindful Grocery Shopping Tour
Heart of the Home: Kitchen again!

Healthy Cooking Tips and Meal Planning
What is Detox? Kitchen, Food, Home & Sleep Detox

Mass Media Detoxification
Don't Blend in, Stand Out! 

Reconnection with Nature and Your Inner Sense
Circadian Rhythm Reestablishment
Mind, Body, Soul Connection 
Exercise Routine
Digestive Process
Immune System Literacy

What is Inflammation?

Understanding How American Health Care System Works

Offerings and Topics of the 6 Month Program: 

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