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See The Big Bug In The Picture

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Have you ever thought that everything we eat becomes us? Pesticide accumulates in our fat cells. We are just bigger bugs! We are all walking, talking, breathing food!

Pesticide accumulates in our fat cells. I’m talking about all the chemicals that they use on your food to get rid of unwanted bugs. With GMO, you have more pesticides and insecticides inside and outside of your plant. But have you ever thought that we are just bigger bugs! We are all walking, talking, breathing food! So, it should be a concern of all of us to build our body with good food!

Organic avoids synthetic pesticides. It does not put chemicals into the groundwater. It does not affect the wildlife. It reduces fossil fuel consumption and it tastes better. A lot of veggies keeps pesticide residue even if you wash them.

How GMO's imply more Pesticides and Insecticides in your food?

Pesticides are used extensively in agriculture and they are also used at a lower scale in our homes and on ourselves. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the health effects of pesticides are not well understood, but their use has been associated with conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and neurological effects.

How is our food raised? Are we eating stressed out, NOT exercised, GMO food? Quality of the energy of the food we consume is so important. We’re worth it! We all deserve good quality, affordable food. And that’s why you should join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Please visit to find out about farms around your area.


Pesticide Action Network

Community Supported Agriculture


*Sources updated 02/10/2023


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