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As wave is driven by wave
And each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead,
So time flies on and follows, flies, and follows, Always, for ever and new.What was before
Is left behind; what never was is now;
And every passing moment is renewed.”
― Ovid, Metamorphoses


Meet Bilge Bella

I'm Bella, a Lifestyle Change Partner, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Pilates Instructor. If you seek help integrating the healthy habits into your life for a sustainable transformation, I am here to partner, support and coach you throughout your journey. Breathe, you are not alone!

Whys Answered

Why should you work with me?


I have passion to learn, love and help people. I have sincere intention to partner up with you in your journey of expanding consciousness and transformation of values.


It is a great challenge to start at ground zero and transform perceived obstacles into opportunities and I am here to embrace the challenges, and have fun achieving them with you.


You will feel that I am present in your life. I am nonjudgmental without expectations. I can connect with your truth by going beyond the ego level. I know “health is a journey, not a destination.”

You will no longer feel trapped in fight-or-flight mode. Together we will change your negative personal story to a positive one.

Once you share what you’ve kept to yourself under the oppression of the judgmental system we are born in, you’ll hear the “Wake up!” call. We will figure out how to get to you through you. The intention of this program is to show you that you have all the answers in you; you’ll become your own healer.


Plus, I will donate a fraction of your $ to save sea turtles, one of the animal species I care most about.


I can’t wait to speak the language of your soul and “escape the matrix” with you!


Why did I get into Health Coaching?


As I age, my needs have shifted and I’ve started to feel I need to make lifestyle changes to accommodate those needs. I have been questioning what my priorities should be depending on my goals and wishes. I’ve wished for a purpose in life, and NOT depending on a façade reality but on my own reality. This approach supported me through stopping the vicious cycles that I found myself in, and started to help me unpeel my layers, which reminded me of who I really am and what my values are! The basics of my humble self are now revealed!


I’ve interviewed myself in the most honest way I could and I’ve found attraction in my core values, my authentic self. Our values reflect our bio-individual needs. This ongoing process has given me undoubtedly all the potential tools to make it happen slowly by shifting gears. I’ve said YES to an opportunity to find out what works best for me and I am now offering you the same opportunity as a certified health coach. I can help you take action on your lifestyle. This is a ripple effect after all.

My Mindcrumbs

Here you can find my blog posts about Health, Wellness, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Mindfulness and more...

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